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AED365 Basic

1 Year Plan
2 Year Plan
3 Year Plan
4 Year Plan
5 Year Plan

AED365 Pro

Discounted Rate
1 Year Plan
2 Year Plan
3 Year Plan
4 Year Plan
5 Year Plan
1 Year Medical Direction ONLY
List Price
Discounted Rate
Includes protocols, Rx, ECG Review

*Price per AED per year.
Please ask us about special pricing for 10 or more AEDs.


What’s Included
24×7 access to your custom AED Program
99.99% uptime guaranteed and powered using the world’s most secure and reliable servers
Online hub to manage your AED program from any device with internet access
AED365 iOS app for inspections, live chat, incident reporting, and more
Google mapping and geotagging of all AEDs in system
Free barcodes / QR codes provided for each AED for scanning using iOS app
View AED status in real-time on global map in dashboard
24×7 access to AED law library and AED document library
Full data entry of any AED brand, make, model, unit, batteries, pads, and accessories
Unlimited program users, including AED inspectors, site managers, division managers, AED program manager, medical directors, and company executives
Unlimited program locations
Monthly (or more frequent) inspection / maintenance e-reminders / emails / push notifications
Monthly (or more frequent) inspection / overdue reports
Battery and pad accessory expiration e-reminders / push notifications via PowerPush™ tech
Powerful reporting downloads for program matrics
Verified icon displayed for in-person AED inspections
Device-specific notifications and tracking based on AED serial numbers and accessories lot numbers
In-app support chat and Help Desk email access
Manage and track First Aid, CPR, AED, BLS, ACLS, PALS, Fire Extinguisher, etc. training for trained responders – notification of expiration dates and e-minders
Custom invoice schedules by request
AED prescription for each AED issued by our Physician (MD)
Physician (MD) oversight of AED program and implementation
Physician telephone and email availability for AED related questions
Provision or review and approval of AED response protocol
Basic AED program policy & procedures manual
AED emergency event reporting
Post-event AED data download, analysis & medical direction report sent to patient’s MD
Loaner AED overnighted to your location post-event to ensure coverage (4 step process includes loaner AED overnighted along with postage-paid return box for used AED)
Telephone debriefing of responders involved in an AED incident
AED emergency medical services (EMS) agency notification & registration services as required by state/local regulation
FREE replacement pads (and battery if a Lifepak CR Plus or Heartsine Unit) for any attempted resuscitation using an activated AED on Pro Plan (up to two times per AED per year – excludes Fire / EMS / public safety agency devices)
24×7 Live Phone Support and troubleshooting for any issues for units under program management (chirping AEDs, lights flashing, etc.)
Annual program review by compliance team and medical director